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Lizze came home from Gavin’s infusion at Akron Children’s Hospital bringing news of how well Gavin did.  🙂

This is really positive as Gavin doesn’t always make the best choices while at the hospital.  She even said that things didn’t go his way,  and yet he took it in stride. 

Way to go Gavin.  🙂

It’s really nice to be able to post positive news in regards to Gavin. 


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  • kat13 says:

    That is really pleasing to hear!! Great job Gavin!!!

  • Batty says:

    Anytime one of our kids can make it through an infusion, it calls for a celebration!  Sooooo many sensory issues to be gotten through!

  • Chloe123 says:

    Way to go Gavin!!!!!! Awesome job!!! 
    P.S.: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Angry Birds shirt!!!!!!!! 🙂