What do you see? (09/13/2012)

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Elliott and I did some running around after school today and one of those stops was Clear Water,  to fill up our water juggs. 

I was teaching Elliott how to do this and it turned into a great example of an aspie trait.

So,  looking at the picture,  do you notice anything?


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  • lostandtired says:

    Wow. This was harder than I thought it would be. However, maybe I wasn't clear. This was meant to see if you see things the same way as my Elliott, who's an aspie.

    It's also a bad camera angle.

    Both water bottles are filled to the exact same height. The first jugg didn't fill all the way to thetop cause the water shut off early. Elliott shut the second one off early so that the water levels were the same.

    When I asked him if I could fill it up the rest of the way, he wouldn't let me because they wouldn't match.

    • Silachan says:

       @lostandtired I was right, hehe. I'd do the same thing, honestly, and I do things like that for a lot. Numbers have to be even or prime in order for me to be happy and containers have to be filled equally. x3

      • heather says:

         @Silachan  @lostandtired 
        Well, I have CDO, like OCD but in alphabetical order, as it should be. Seriously though, I would've required it be the same as well. I like only even numbers. If numbers *have* to be odd, then I need to relate it to Christianity in some way. but that's just me. and i'm not aspie, i have classical autism 🙂 

  • heather says:

    either a spoon or someone hiding behind that bottle.  but i lack visual skills anyway.. so yeah.

  • SarahBolier says:

    lol is there a spoon in there???

  • Estrella says:

    One bottle looks fuller than the other.