Elliott received a HUGE surprise from @FractureMe

Elliott received a HUGE surprise from @FractureMe

A little while ago, I had shared a picture that Elliott took and it garnered a great deal of attention on Twittee. I’ve embedded the tweet below.

Anyway, my friends at Fracture noticed and wanted to do something really nice for Elliott to encourage and foster his love of photography. They wanted to provide his first professional print.

The print finally arrived yesterday and well, look for yourself. It’s AMAZING..

It’s printed directly on glass and it’s beautiful. It’s also enormous. Elliott is so excited and we have it temporarily on the wall in the dining room, pending a permanent install in the living room.

Thank you Fracture for doing this. It was beyond kind of you and I hope you know how grateful we are.

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Esther Giboyeaux

Awesome Picture Elliot!!!


That is awesome. Maybe Elliott should enter it into a photo contest, possibly a nature one? Because it’s good. In fact, it’s possible Elliott’s photos could be sold on Etsy. I follow Stonekettle on Twitter and besides being a political writer, he takes nature photos posted on Instagram. He has hummingbirds and dragon flies. So Elliott’s pictures could also be of interest.

Neil McDonald

Awesome photo Elliott. I wish my pictures turned out that good. I’m always trying to take pictures of butterflies here in Ontario and it quite a challenge. That photo is amazing hope to see more from you.

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