#Autism, Anxiety and Medications: 09/17/2012

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Lizze was feeling pretty good this morning and so she took Elliott to his appointment.  They have likely just arrived and will be meeting with the doctor shortly.

Hopefully this appointment with will end with Elliott on some type of anti-anxiety medication.

He desperately needs this. 

Please cross your fingers that we can get him the help her needs.  🙂

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  • LouisGeekBmu says:

    @NathansVoice what you think

  • LaurieMit says:

    Good luck to you.  It's so hard to see them deal with the anxiety.  

  • rmagliozzi says:

    Keeping our fingers crossed.. Elliot deserves a mental vacation from all the worry.

  • DLaubacher says:

    Do let us know the outcome…fingers crossed 🙂