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Gavin just had a massive tantrum.  We had to actually gut his room because he was throwing anything he could get his hands on. 

He kick is shoes off and almost sent one through his window.

He was punching the wall and of course himself.  He kept screaming “you’re so stupid and I hate you”, over and over again. He’s either talking to himself in the 3rd person,  which is, well, kind weird.  On the other hand, he could be talking to us,  which is well, sorta scary.

He went on for about an hour before deciding to stop.

The E’s were pretty freaked out and Gavin was pulling out all the stops.  He has no regard for how his actions impact his little brothers.  🙁

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I know exactly how frustrating that can be – and totally get the third person thing… Daniel does that a lot when he's upset/mad about something – most especially when it comes to food!  Hope tomorrow dawns a better day for you all. Glad to hear school is at least going well for him. 


So sorry!  I know how hard this is on you–I know how hard it is for me when it happens.  Just remember that the anger is often the only emotion that children on the spectrum can express.  Give Lizzie a hug for me!


it isnt at all weird for someone to refer to themselves int he third person when angry or hurting, and that could be what he is doing. an insecure girl stares at her reflection and says YOU ARE SO FAT. a bullied child says to themselves NO ONE LIKES YOU. it is normal especially at his age. teen/preteens struggle with self approval in general. i would assume that his inability to control his anger set off a burst of emotions and self disapproval. he is probably very much frustrated with his actions and bad choices which lead to removing rewards and punishments.


🙁  so sorry — 


@DLaubacher thank you 🙂


Do you think maybe he was frustrated with himself? I know you said he once (at least) expressed the fact that he wishes/wants to care about people, but he can't. Do you think maybe this caused this frustration? Even if it seems like it came out of nowhere? Is he upset with himself for this? (blaming himself)? Also wondering, if this was the case, was it one of his typical tantrums or was this more of a being so frustrated with himself, and not having the words to express it to you in a better way? Again I have no clue, just trying to brainstorm here….. Also my second thought would be, did anything happen at school today? (get an answer wrong, get in trouble, etc.). 


@Chloe123 good questions. He was mad because we caught him lying to his brothers. When approached about it, he was not cooperative.

I finally told him that he was losing his choice for dinner. That's what set him off. He always says that he's frustrated by his choices.

Oddly though, he refers to himself in the third person when he's angry. It's like he separates himself somehow from what he did wrong.

However, school seems to be going pretty good. 🙂


 @lostandtired  @Chloe123 Oh okay. Do you think he was at all frustrated by the fact that he made a bad choice and he wishes he could make good choices? Or simply because he got oatmeal?