Bella is at the Vet

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Here’s the deal with Bella. She is on her way to the vet. Lizze called them first this  morning and they needed to see her right away. We are basically dropping her off and they are going to do a series of xrays.

They said regular and possibly barium xrays as well. 

If she needs surgery they are going to call us.  Lizze explained the situation and someone there apparently someone reads this blog and so they know how important Bella is to Emmett.

They told Lizze that they will not make us choose between surgery and putting her down.  They will work with us on payments if she needs anything invasive.

Hopefully, God willing, everything with be okay.

She’s having tummy issues this morning so please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

As far as Emmett goes,  he’s really worried because he knows she ate something that has made her sick.

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I hope nothing serious. Boxers are notorious about their weak stomachs. I got to watch carefully what my Boxer eats. Slight changes in the brand sometime causes him upset stomach too…
And looks like you got really great people working at the vet!!


You need her–plain and simple.  So you do whatever it takes to keep here where she needs to be–with Emmett.  I do the same with our horses and other therapy animals.  But at least you can carry Bella to the vet–ours comes to the farm and charges a farm fee of $100 just to walk onto the property.  
PP for Bella!
XXOO for Emmett.


@Batty thank you. I've spoken to some people about this and they just don't seem to understand the importance of Bella to Emmett. When I'm told I shouldn't spend that kind of money on her because we can't afford it, I get frustrated. The truth is, as much as we love Bella, we're doing it for Emmett.


Prayers sent for your Furbaby!  I hope Emmett's best friend, Bella, feels better soon!


@JudyeNazareth thank you. Nice to meet you as well. 🙂


That is so awesome of your vet!  I pray that she is ok and doesn't require surgery!  Like my pets, she sounds like one of the family 🙂


@Melissa thanks. Our vet is awesome.


Don't feel guilty or apologize for money spent on Bella's care. What she gives to Emmett is priceless. I know this personally, because my dog has seen me through a lot of illness and family trauma. I really don't know what I would do without him.


@hudginsvicky I wish more people would understand.


haha, yeh for real!…maybe there's a payment plan for that one too 🙂  


So good they work with you!  Best wishes for a good outcome….fast healing to Bella


@DLaubacher I should ask the vet what it would cost to implant so common sense into her while she's there. 🙂


A @lostandtired  @DLaubacher Any chance she's reacting out of seperation anxiety? Dogs can get anxious too 🙂 I'm looking into one of these for my anxious doggy, they work just like weighted vests/blankets do for autistic people and they even reference Temple Grandin. A bit on the pricey side, but anything to prevent accidents like these right? (I've had my fair share of these scares with my dog when she was younger. She used to chew the edge of my dresser. among other things..)