Back to the pediatrician…again

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Elliott’s been sick for almost a week now.  He’s missed the entire week of school as well.  The main problem that is still concerning is his horrific cough.  I realize that the cough may just be lingering but when your child has asthma, it’s kind of a different story. 

There are extra things to worry about and  precautions to take because asthma complicates things like croup.

Elliott,  while cute as ever, looks like death warmed over.  He’s really pale,  cranky and not sleeping well. 

Lizze spoke with the doctor again this morning and they want him back in.  They are concerned that it may have turned into something like bronchitis. 

Lizze is feeling better today so she’s going to drive the 40 miles or so to the doctors office this morning to have Elliott checked out again.  Hopefully, everything will be fine and this is just a lingering cough. If it has developed into something more serious,  hopefully we caught it in time so that we can get it under control quickly and he can return to better health and school as well.

This is going to be another long day.

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