Today’s Victory: Occupying themselves

I’m pretty stressed out today because I have a ton of things that have to get done for work. I’m remastering a demo video and it’s very, very time consuming. 

Lizze still isn’t feeling well and so she’s only able to don’t much to help me by distracting the kids.

We have to go to my parents house in order to get a usable cell signal so I can do a Skype meeting and find new home Internet service.

I’m not sure what Emmett’s got going on right now.  It could be the beginning of a flare because his hands and feet are hot to the touch, as well as sores in his mouth. Plus, he’s pretty moody today.  These are the typical precursors to a flare up but he doesn’t have any mouth pain, which is good but it sorta throws things off. That’s why I’m not sure what’s going on.

The sores have always hurt before. 

Gavin’s having a really good day so far and I’m quite proud of him for making better choices today. 

Things are getting more and more tense as we get closer to the beginning of the new school year.  There’s an air of anticipation and excitement but also anxiety, especially from Elliott. 

I turn 35 this Saturday and I’ve got mixed feelings about that.

Right now I just want to make it through the day, all in one piece.  🙂

Oh… I almost forgot the point of this post.  I was sharing a victory from this morning.  Emmett, despite his moodiness, sat quietly on the couch and occupied himself with his 3DS, while I got some work done.  This was a big help because normally Emmett is all over me. 

Great job Emmett.  🙂

Oh…..and he’s wearing pants..  🙂


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Michele Guarnieri Fuchs

Oh I long for the day that happens here… mine are 5 & 8!

Michele Guarnieri Fuchs

Oh I long for the day that happens here… mine are 5 & 8!