Behavioral Crisis: Emergency Pysch Evaluation (09/29/2012)

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Gavin is having a behavioral crisis and will be on his way for a psych evaluation and God willing,  a psych hold.

He had probably one of the worst,  self-injurious tantrums to date. 

I’ll explain in more detail what lead up to this later.

Right now,  Lizze’s Mom is going to drive them up to Akron Children’s Hospital.  He will be run through the behavioral heath side of the ER and evaluated for admittance.

The bad news,  aside from all of this,  is that nothing is going to change by taking him.  The good news is that this will get him out of the house and into a safer environment.  This is best for everyone,  especially those most traumatized by his behavior,  Elliott and Emmett.

I ask that you please keep him and the rest of us in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

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I hope you do get a break and the right doctors come on your team.  Take care of yourself


I was hours from this situation about 18 months ago, my daughter was breaking windows and screaming at the walls, it was new for her, the meds help her 100 percent.  I was big on natural but if the brain needs it it does need it and it is best.  She lives with me and is happy


If he is around age 17 to 20 he may be getting an added behavior like bi-polor or skitzophrenia. This sets on and the client child is scared and frustrated and it can get dangerous.  With the right meds like fanapt it can subside

Mary Franzen Costell

So sorry. You must all be very frightened. Is not something you can gt used to.


So sorry!  Prayers for placement!


It's so sad.  I wish peace for Gavin.  I hope they will admit him and keep him for a while, so the rest of you could have a much needed break.


So sorry 🙁  Hope he can be admitted; did that twice with one of mine years ago…by the third time, they finally admitted him.  Sooo stressful and exhausting…hang in there.


Hugs and prayers for all involved.


Praying for you all,and hoping this helps to get Gavin the placement he so needs ,hang in there 


Praying for you all!


praying for you and Lizze and the kids. Wishing things do change for you all.