I’m so embarrassed

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Do you know anyone that just let’s it all hang out?

I do. 

In the Lost and Tired family,  Bella, our Boxer puppy, doesn’t seem to have any problems with exposing herself to the world.

I’m almost too embarrassed to share this with you all.  However, this would have eventually leaked to the internet anyway.

I guess I just wanted to stay ahead of it.  I assure you, Bella is going into treatment and this kind of smutt will not happen again.  We are so embarrassed and apologize if Bella has offended anyone.


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  • Batty says:

    Our dogs love to "show their pretties!  By the way–we had puppies this week!  4 doxies–one mini-teacup and 3 regular sized.  I would post a pic but I'm not sure how.  The tiny one went to the vet yesterday because he had stopped eating.  Now we are on sub-q injections of ringers lactate and tube feedings every 2 hours.  No sleeping around here!

  • Chloe123 says:

    LOL! Our dogs do the same thing!

  • Silachan says:

    My dog Cloey does this alll the time.