Yes it’s depressing but it’s also the truth and the world needs to be aware

I truly am a positive person. I can find and focus on the positive in just about any situation. One of my strongest beliefs is that it’s so important to focus on the positive because it helps to provide the strength needed to fight the good fight. 

I’m frequently accused of being negative, which sorta confuses me because I’m also accused of being too positive as well. It’s like make up your mind already.

Here’s the thing…

My mission with this blog is not to publish pretty, fluffy, sweet smelling articles that contain such a candy coated version of the truth, your teeth hurt just reading them. 

The goal is not to make sure my readers are comfortable with what they’re reading either. 

The purpose of this blog is to present my readers with reality, as it pertains to my journey as a single parent, raising three boys with very special needs. 

Frankly, it’s not pretty or pleasant most of time because this a nonfiction account of what our lives are like, every single day. 

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Raising three kids with Autism is a grueling task that requires superhuman abilities on the best of days. It requires an infinite level of patience a which is impossible in a finite world. 

I present our struggle as honestly and with as much transparency as possible because to do otherwise would be a disservice. 

It’s important that my readers learn what raising kids with Autism can really be like in real life. Every families story will be different but there is a consistent theme. That theme revolves around a misunderstood family, doing their absolute best to raise a misunderstood child(ren) with Autism, while being judged by the world around them.

It’s not easy. It’s not pretty. It’s not for the faint of heart. 

I want people to know that they are not alone in their struggle. They aren’t the only ones struggling with life, money, bills, Autism, difficult behaviors, judgement, isolation, fear, grief, heartache, pain, frustration and even resentment. 

At the same time, it’s so important to make sure that people find hope here as well. 

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I want people to see that while this is a truly difficult life me for personally, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. My kids are my life, my inspiration and my reason for living. 

Yes, it’s tough but it’s worth it. Yes, I’m exhausted but feel blessed to have my kids in my life and it’s an honor to be the one tasked with guiding them through life. 

Things aren’t perfect. Yes, this blog can be depressing to read however, it’s our truth and we have no choice but to live it everyday. You can simply choose to read something else. 

For my family and the countless others out there like us, raising a child with Autism is a daunting task that the world doesn’t seem to understand. My hope is that by reading this blog and experiencing our lives through pictures,video and the written word, you will gain a better understanding of how Autism can impact a person and their family.