On a completely selfish note

We are supposed to make the trip to Akron Children’s Hospital and have a follow up appointment for both Gavin and Elliott this morning.

Neither appointment is critical, so we may reschedule as gas is limited this week.  More importantly, Elliott’s missed so much school already.  Plus, he couldn’t do his asthma testing because he’s still recovering from whatever he has going on. 

We are hoping that Elliott is well enough to return to school today. 

He has been acting fine and his cough seems to be better,  although it’s definitely still there.  However, it may be one of those lingering coughs.  His fever is gone as well, at least for now. 

On a completely selfish side note,  we need him back in school because we need a break from the Emmett and Elliott fighting we hae been listening to for the last 9 friggin days. 

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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gina valley

It's not selfish to need a break.  It's human.  Recognizing you need a break is an important sign in quality parenting.  I hope you can get the break and rest you need soon.

Suzi Satterfield

Everyone needs a break.  Even parents with neurotypical children need a break.


@Suzi Satterfield very true 🙂


Everyone needs a break from their kids sometime. Even us advocates. Be sure to do something cool for yourself once in a while.


@DaveWilde wise words. Thank you 🙂