More signs of regression :-(

More signs of regression :-(

Today we received some concerning news in the mail. The results of Gavin’s Ohio Standardized Test scores showed up. 

They were really, really low. 

I don’t have the previous results on hand to compare but I will be talking to the school today. I’m really concerned about this because he’s regressing still.

I think that we have forgotten about the regression in the wake of everything else that he has going on.

Having said that, we still very much need to get to the bottom of what’s going on. This is extremely important and we are going to have to divert resources to finding the answers.


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@MeaghanGood @Silachan @kat13 Thanks everyone. The school is going to send the previous test results home today with Gavin. My concern is that these scores are very low for him, regardless of the school average. I can't remember the last scores and can't finds the paper. 
As for the CDD. That train was derailed with the loss of his reflexes. We went to the Cleveland CLinic for an evaluation and discovered things they were much more concerned about. Then a few days later, we found out about his immune system, or rather lack there of. 
I do understand that CDD is supposed to be removed in the next DSM, or so I've been told. The bottom line is that we know there is regression but don't know why. ;-(


I know you are worried, but he isn't that far from his school and district averages. Besides, those standardized tests are really tough.
My older one, who is not on the spectrum, is an easy learner, gets As most of the time, but yet her standardized test scores always tend to be below school average. She is just not always careful with her problems and when rushed and pressured with testing and stress it all brings, she is more likely to forget to switch '-' to +' and vice verse. So I really don't believe these tests are the true measure of intelligence and capabilities!

a mom of 2

How does the education of the childern work in a residential facility for kids, in case Gavin is placed in one?


Well, it looks like they weren't THAT much lower than the average scores for the school. Not that that would make you feel any better. 🙁


Is CDD still a possibility with you guys or has that been ruled out already? I know you were looking into it a while back, but I don't remember seeing an update about it. Sorry to hear that it's still happening though, hopefully he'll be able to get all the help he needs sooner rather than later. :/

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