OMG, it looked like a f*cking crime scene

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It’s been a really, really, really long night. Both the boys are home from school today for weird reasons. Well, Elliott’s got a sinus thing and the drainage is making him sick to his stomach. He was up all night.

To make things more fun, about 3AM, Emmett’s nose exploded all over my bed. He gets nose bleeds sometimes and there’s no reason for them. They’re sorta spontaneous and unpredictable. We think it’s related to his allergy meds drying him out too much. It’s a pretty fine line between managing his allergies and this.

Emmett finally fell asleep under a mound of blankets.

Have you ever seen those movies where the guy goes to sleep and wakes up to the other side of the bed covered in blood? Yeah, it was like that. It looked like a fucking crime scene.

It took awhile to get it under control and forever for me to scrub the comforter, the sheet, the heating/cooling pad and the mattress. It took quite a bit of peroxide to get it out but I did.

We ended up having to sleep in the living room and managed to get back to sleep around 5 AM. Elliott was just falling asleep and I knew school wasn’t going to happen. I called them off super early and let them sleep.

A bit after Emmett woke up, he sneezed, only to spray blood everywhere once again.

Gavin woke up with really bad stomach cramps and had to go lay down for a few hours in order to feel better. We’re just now getting to his infusion and that means he’s outside of his routine. That’s going to throw him off.

I’m exhausted and overwhelmed but it could always be worse.. The blood is cleaned up and Elliott’s stomach has settled. Gavin’s cramps are gone and his infusion is going well. I’m definitely grateful I got things relatively under control and nothing got worse.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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caitlin britten

Geeze. Poor Emmett I also woke up with a nosebleed this morning!


Holy moly the boys miss a lot of school. You’re lucky they don’t have regulations around that, here parents would be in a whole lot of trouble unless there were acceptable extenuating circumstances and not many are acceptable!!