How often do you see this?

How often do you see this?

While I was driving to @Sprint this morning for the phone issues, I was able to snap a picture of this.  There is a dead deer, strapped down on the trunk of a family car.

This dude was flying down the freeway and to be honest, I don’t know now that hell that deer was attached to the trunk.

This just struck me as odd….

I thought I would share this with you all and see if someone could come up with a great caption….

Have fun and give it your best shot…




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i can't see the picture…. ?


Ahh, here in the midwest you see it often during this time of year! Yet usually in the back of a pickup truck.  As long as they have a deer tag and/or called the game warden (in case of a car to deer accident….it's all good!


@Rachel I just thought strapping it to the back of their Sanata was classy. 🙂


True dat!!  LOL

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