The #ADHD Experiment: The addition of a maintenance dose -

The #ADHD Experiment: The addition of a maintenance dose

It’s officially been a week since Elliott began him #ADHD medication.  After speaking with his doctor, we have decided to add a second dose everyday.  This is known as a maintenance dose.

Basically, #ADHD medications don’t last very long in the body and in Elliott’s case, they ware off by about 3pm.


The way that is address is by adding an additional dose to be taken just prior to the first dose waring off.  Typically, this second or maintenance dose is half of the first dose. 

All this does is help to prolong the positive affects of the medication so that Elliott can derive the benefits for the rest of the day. 

So far,  everything is working really,  really well. 

He’s much more relaxed and focused.  He seems happier and more at peace as well.

It really does seem that #ADHD was a large part of his struggles.  There is of course,  still a great deal of #anxiety but it does seem to be more manageable or him right now.

After consulting with his doctors,  we are going to let things ride out for another two weeks and reevaluate things with both the #ADHD and the #anxiety at that time. That really does seem like a solid plan and Lizze and I are comfortable with it. 

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@natzers I hope you've managed to get the book from Lye Ean


@mychng yup I got it! Thanks! <3


Hello from the land of the lost:  Somehow my livefyre account was deleted and my cookies for receiving email updates were taken out as well, so I have been out of the loop for about 12 days.  Needless to say I've been gorging myself this afternoon on all the blogs I missed.  I was so sorry to hear that Gavin had had the tantrum to end all tantrums.  Even though you knew this was coming, this is one heck of a way for Gavin to make an exit from the home.  Your entire family (with the exception of Gavin) will need therapy for PTSD once you come down from the stress levels you have been living with as the redtape grinds slowly towards getting Gavin approved for residential placement. I feel for all of you as you struggle through adjusting to life without the torture you have been exposed to over the years.  Don;t blame yourself–you didn't make Gavin the way he is. 
I'm so happy that Elliot is improving on the ADHD meds.  I know that the meds can be life savers. They made a world of difference for the ones of my kids who needed them.  My prayers and thoughts are with each of you.


Our son is on Concerta, which is a long acting ADHD medication.  It works really well for him and tends to last for about 12 hrs.  The Dr. also prescribed a "fast-acting" (general Ritalin) that we can use if he needs a bump as the time release are starting to work, or if they are wearing off in the afternoon.  It works really well for us.  Both our boys are on Celexa for anxiety and it has made a huge difference.  Our now 6 year old was nearly paralyzed by anxiety and it came out in OCD type symptoms and constant anger. He is like a different child now and has a quality of life that is amazing.  We were very careful and hesitant about medication too, but it has changed their lives SO much for the better!

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