My “Hell Yeah” moment for the day

My “Hell Yeah” moment for the day

Every once in awhile,  I have one of those moments that have me screaming hell yeah!

Today was one of those moments. 

I was able to fill the gas tank in the van for $31.00. This is thanks to Giant Eagles Fuel Perks program. 

Look,  I don’t always have very high expectations for what qualifies as a hell yeah moment.  At this very moment,  when I don’t have any money, having $31.00 fill the tank, is a pretty big deal.  Especially since we will be having at least one trip to the Cleveland Clinic and one trip to Akron Children’s Hospital this week alone. 

It’s the little things in life.  🙂

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We got gas today for $3.19.  It was a hell yeah moment, too!  I am hoping it will go below $3.00 before it starts the holiday climb back up.


it's the little things that make each day.  🙂  enjoy your moment.  Gas dropped to 3.69 per this week, and I topped off all of our vehicles while I could.  and while I hope it drops some more, I also hope it stays at a lower price until the next time we need to fill.

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