Sweet candy and sour moods -

Sweet candy and sour moods

Emmett is in a really, really bad mood.  For the past few hours, if anyone speaks, not even to him, he screams. 

I wish I knew what was wrong but he’s not really talking at the moment.  If we ask him what’s wrong, he screams for us to stop it.  🙁

Elliott’s bummed out that we can’t go trick or treating due to the poor weather conditions.

Lizze and I have promised to take the boys to Chuck E Cheeses on payday to make up for no trick or treating this year. Hopefully they will make it until Tuesday.

I’m trying get to put a positive spin on this and make it seem like a good thing. 

Unfortunately, it’s not working. 

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Do any malls near you do trick or treat? So they can do it indoors?


@Chloe123 I just saw your messages on Facebook. Sorry for the delay. I do everything from my phone and Lizze and I are having continued proplems with Sprint. I didn't want you to think that I was ignoring you.
I'm to the point of giving up on Sprint as I'm feel like I'm just besting my head into the wall.
As far as trick or treating goes, we just stayed home today. We're going to take the boys to Chuck E Cheeses this weed instead. They're happy, so I'm happy. 🙂


Can you give him earphones to wear when he freaks out like this?  I don't know if blocking out all sound would remove some some of the sensory overload for him.


@Shells I don't know if this is sensory related or not. However, I will try your suggestion and see if it helps.


He's mad about not going, so this is how he's expressing it.  Also, they're missing their brother.  Both are going to be very reactive for a while and will probably create some form of chaos because that's what they are used to having.  Make sure they continue with therapy (individual and family) and slowly this should begin to get better.  Going somewhere that's indoors would be an alternative.  I would try some bookstores or malls.


@anansison I agree about the Gavin part. They absolutely miss him. You may be right about the chaos as well. You have amazing insight. 🙂

TJ Isaacson

is there a local mall doing trick or treating? or a trunk or treating event? something inside, and out of the weather?

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