What does your #Autistic child’s do for fun?

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This is definitely geared more for the younger crowd.  I was just wondering what your kids like to do for fun?

Do they have a favorite toy, video game, board game etc?

This would be cool to talk about because it may help to give others ideas of different things to do. I love how my kids can be laser focused with certain things.  However, I do like for them to experience new things or try something they haven’t tried before. 

My kids are really into drawing, coloring, TMNT, Legos, Angry Birds and Bad Piggies.

I would love to deepen the pool of things they can do for fun. 

I’m always looking for fresh ideas. 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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When mine were younger, they were into Dance Dance Revolution for the PS2 and then for the Wi,  (One of them danced so long and stomped so hard that he developed microfractures in the shins of both legs.)  They loved taking all the clean sheets out of the linen closet, putting the dining room chairs about the living room and making tents–like a mini city.  Then they would dress up out of the costume chest and play Aladdin or medieval princesses.  They also loved to have tea parties (the whole family had to play) where each person would wear a funny hat, speak in "British" accents and have funny names.   As they approached 10 yo they would get into card games, like Pounce! or dice games like "Navy".  They also loved doing jigsaw puzzles–we would give up one end of the dining room table and everyone in the family would work on a puzzle (from 1K – 5K pieces) on and off until it was finished.  Sometimes it would take a day or two, and others over a week to complete the puzzle.  Most of my kids suffer from OCD, so puzzles are perfect for that!


My 4-year old loves doing puzzles – usually 24 to 48 piece puzzles (though there are also versions on the iPad that I'm unsure of how easy/difficult they are). He also likes memory games (again, though, on the iPad or LeapPad).
Otherwise, his latest thing is to be chased or slide down the stairs on his mattress.


@Michael that's really cool. The LeapPad seems to be a very popular choice for kids.


My Son likes to play Leapfrog Mr Pencil on his leapster explorer.  He is 14 but this is still his favorite toy.


@PatriciaShaver that's cool. 🙂