Disappointed but not surprised -

Disappointed but not surprised

All three of the house had therapy today.  Lizze and I both went because one of us needed to follow Gavin.

I’ll just cut to the chase here.  Gavin was not listening very well and in some cases, trying to dictate tobhis therapist what he was going to do.

I caught and corrected him 3 times and Lizze did as well once or twice.

He insisted that what Lizze was saying was untrue. He claims that he doesn’t remember saying and doing what she caught him saying and doing.

He did the same thing to me but he knew he was busted because I had witnessed it myself..

However, because I wasn’t present for what happened while Lizze was watching him, he continued to deny that it happened. It was like he expected Lizze to have no credibility or something. 

As a parent, it’s hard to sorta wash your hands of a situation, even temporarily.  No matter where Gavin resides, Lizze and I have complete control and final say. We are his parents and simply because he is staying with his grandparents doesn’t remove us from the equation.

I don’t like that Gavin behaves in this manner and I absolutely don’t like how he treats Lizze.

Apparently, Elliott doesn’t either because he inserted himself into the conversation and stood up for his mommy.  He was upset that Gavin was acting the way he was.

For the record, we were just conversing with Gavin about what happened.  He wasn’t being yelled at or anything like that.  Gavin also kept his cool and didn’t freak out.  I have to give him credit for that. 

I fully realize that the therapist could say something if she wanted to but we’re suspecting that Gavin may be a bit intimidating.

The point remains that I’m disappointed in the way he behaved while he was in therapy.  I’m disappointed but not surprised.

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Mary Franzen Costello

Maybe being away gives Gavin a different perpspective when he is with you so he’s not as volatile. If so, bodes well for residential care and treatment.


@Mary Franzen Costello he didn’t freak out. That’s positive but there weren’t really any consequences either.


I noticed a lot of negative changes in behavior the last week or so.  In our case, it just got really cold here, she has a sinus infection (but won’t take any meds), and not only did her grandparents come to visit for the weekend, it was the time change.  However, seeing the regression actually gave me hope.  I had realized how far we had come.  Even my parents could see a marked difference in her behavior and self-control (from six months ago…and they were seeing her NOT at her best).  So, in a way, it felt kinda like relief to see the negative, to confirm the positive growth.  But, it never makes the hard days any fun.  Just thought I would share.  I am actually hoping my parents got back to Ohio in time to vote. (Wooster)

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