Unbelievable, I don’t know what we are going to do about Gavin

The weekend wouldn’t be complete without some Gavin related homework drama.  Let me start out by saying that I haven’t a clue as to what going on.  Lizze and I are both very, very confused by Gavin’s nonsensical responses to our questions. 

Tonight I discovered that Gavin had several pages of work that he was supposed to have done and turned in. 

When I asked him if they were due in the morning, he couldn’t remember.  I’m going on the assumption that they are due in the morning or are already overdue and these are the missed assignments that Gavin was losing points for. 

I made him sit down and do the homework, regardless of whether or not it would still be collected.

What did he do? He just made up answers and told me he was done.  I may be at a disadvantage because I haven’t even seen Math problems like this in a decade but I know when I’m being bullshat. Plus, it helped that he fessed up to just making up answers. 

I told him that he’s not going to just make up answers and turn it in. 

What does he do on the next page? That’s right, he makes up answers and tries to pass it off again.  WTF is going on?


This whole homework thing is really frustrating the hell out of me. 

If I go by what Gavin’s saying, he’s not learned anything all year and can’t do any Math without a calculator or having someone essentially do it for him. 

What just blows my mind is that his teachers say he’s doing fantastic.  How is that possible?

Somethings not right and I’m honestly at the point where I’d bang my head into the wall, just to make this all go away.


We’re gonna have to talk with the school because neither one of us believe a word that’s coming out of Gavin’s mouth.  I also take issue with Gavin being able to use a calculator for everything in Math class. 

The calculator was worked into his IEP eight years ago and absolutely needs to be revisited.  How is he ever supposed to learn anything if he can use the calculator to get the answers?

Right now I just need a break from this whole thing because my head is killing me, my patience is dwindling and Gavin is tippy toe dancing on my last nerve.

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Raynette Jones

tell them yall arent doing homework anymore so dont send any. put it in the iep. in the long run it will be ok. maybe in the 4th 9 weeks see if you can emplement it again as kids mature more at the end of school

Tonya Mb

Good idea to take a break from it. Enjoy your Monday.

Maria Hall

My kids have school on veterans day….like a lot of schools. About the calculator my son uses one too. In fact two do. Calculators do not help if you don’t know how to set up and work the problem. One of the things I don’t like about summit academy and behavior schools is that they are given credit for doing the work regardless of if it is done right so if they do the work all wrong but do the work they could still have an a on the paper. My son is still several grade levels behind his peers because of this. But he was on the honor roll and got all a’s….. really? I had to get my son out of the last school to get away from that. He is doing well still but on a modified curriculum until we can get his trading and comprehension level up. Sad what has happened to education.


I still have this feeling that Gavin has dyscalculia of some sort. What you are dealing with Gavin is not new to me. My parents felt the same way. Lord knows my husband felt that way when I was in college math recently. Like you with Gavin, he had to literally sit there with me for every, single problem.My college math instructor questioned her ability to teach after having to deal with me and my inability to process math manually. Like Gavin’s teachers, she was wiling to help me with every problem I could not figure out. I am that same person, the one who can no more do math with the pencil to paper approach than the man in the moon. Through years of practice I can do the most basic of math applications manually. However, if you show me how to work any problem on the calculator I’m a freaking genius! I can learn the steps on the calculator with ease because it’s no longer me having to process it which is something I cannot do. For the record, I never had an IEP or anything during my school years and my parents pretty much refused to believe that there was anything wrong with me because I was a straight A student in all the other subjects. They believed I was just lazy when it came to math. Will not knowing how to work a math problem manually hold Gavin back? Probably not! I am now 49 years old, in college with a 3.91 GPA. My final grade for college math was B.

Lost and Tired

agear Dwayne Murphy AMDuser @Lynda Stacy-Visyak @Devin Smith @Leslie Jones the boys have school today.  They have off on Friday, so they didn’t have off today.  Thanks everyone for being able to either relate or for simply being supportive.  🙂

Lost and Tired

Dwayne Murphy you know something? That’s a really good question and one that I don’t have the answer to. I thought the same exact thing, accept for the fact that he seems to be able to do, he just doesn’t want to.  
One of the past frustrating things for me is that no one can tell us with any certainty, what is going on.


We are going thru the same thing in our house with our son. He keeps telling us he doesn’t have to do some of the homework and I don’t know if he is lying or not. I told him I better not get a call from school that he’s not doing his homework. I had a talk with his teachers about this already and they are supposed to write on the homework when its due and if it has to be sent home and they’re not following thru. It’s like dealing with two year olds. Sometimes I want to just pull my hair out.
I miss his old school where they had a take home folder with one side “stay home” and one side” return to school.

Dwayne Murphy

Could all of this be a result of Gavin’s cognitive regression? Maybe he just doesn’t understand the work anymore, and that’s why he’s resorting to deception.

Lynda Stacy-Visyak

Shouldn’t be school tomorrow.

Devin Smith

I have to physically sit with my boy and read the questions to him to get his homework done. I’ve also offered rewards. He loves money, so when I used to have to fight him to do it, I’d put a dollar on the fridge and tell him he would get it at the end of the week of he did all his work. Then I realized that he should get rewarded each time he did his work and started giving a quarter each day homework got done.
Is your school in session for veteran’s day tomorrow?

Leslie Jones

Hopefully you all get it worked out

Leslie Jones

You are right he does have to do his home work but torrmow is veteran day


I remember back in when I was in elementary school for some time there was a Homework Hotline were you can get the homework for that day. I would see if Gavin’s teacher would be willing to email you or text you the assignment for that day.