#Autism, #Anxiety and the panic attack

This evening Elliott had an anxiety attack. I’m not really sure what brought this on.  Elliott was trying to tell us that he owes us money for something that happened to the wall in his bedroom.

We were explaining the difference between what happened in his room and what Gavin has done.

We tried explaining that Gavin purposefully destroyed his room and various other items around the house.

Elliott just freaked out.

Lizze and I spent a great deal of time trying to calm him down. He was hyperventilating and shaking.  I think it’s safe to say that his anxiety is out of control.


We began his new anti anxiety, tenex.

We’re starting off with a really small dose and building up over the next few weeks.

We did manage to get Elliott to finally calm down. I was hanging out with Elliott tonight to help him relax.  We were working on unlocking levels in his New Super Mario Bros 2 game,  with the help of the game guide book. 

At this point, he’s sleeping and I’m absolutely exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.

I want to get this blog rolling again but I’m so tired and just don’t always have the time and energy.

My goal to get back to posting more often. Thank you all for sticking around and reading my inner most thoughts.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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My girlfriend ,has a grandson who has ADHD and PTSD(abused by moms boyfriend,and emotionally abandend by mom ) who was on Tenex,worked well for him except when they increased to much and  he then had nightmares and  more fear ,when they reduced the dose ,he did better,so keep looking at behavior to decide what dose is best for him. Hope you all the best ,


This is so sad.  I’m so sorry.


thanks dot. Also, I didn’t mean to disappear from our political debate the other day. I got side tracked.


I’m listening and my thoughts and prayers are with you for answers to help with the children as well as your family!
God bless you!
Janet Gildred


@jljan thank you. I truly appreciate it.


I was thinking the same thing about his anxiety….that he is afraid that he will maybe be sent away if he does anything “bad”?  I know that you guys are nothing but supportive of the boys, but it sounds like the trauma of everything surrounding Gavin’s violence and ultimate exit has really set poor Elliott off.  And I know you guys are working your butts off to reassure him.  I’m so sorry this has affected him this way and will say some prayers that your continuing support and the continuing peace at home since Gavin is away will make him feel more secure over time….


@jjean3940 thank you very much. 🙂


He needs to speak with the therapist in individual and family sessions.  From your description it sounds like he is worried that he will have to leave the home like Gavin if he is “bad” or does anything similar.  I am not sure what the therapist would recommend, but I would try giving out rewards for all the little things that get done.  You may even want to break out a sticker chart or something (don’t know if it’s been tried in the past and the results) that gives him a visual reinforcement.  You definitely want to focus on the “good” things he attempts.  And you should keep any explanations short and concrete; give him the “if you do this then this is the result” for both positive and negative behaviors.  By giving him the concrete and short responses, it identifies and sets boundaries for him that will help reduce anxiety; detailed explanations can come when he is calm and asking in-depth questions.


@anansison It’s funny you mention that because Lizze and I were talking about this being a possibility tonight.
I think Elliott feels very, very insecure right now.
We have talked to him about this but I think Dr. Patti will need to spend some time with him on this.
As always, your words are wise and I appreciate it.