I need little victories

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Elliott’s off to school and Emmett’s literally bouncing off of every surface he can.  Lizze has an appointment this morning and Emmett and I are going to do some running around before picking her back up. 

I want to try and get some work done around the house today and try and make our mortgage payment. 

That will feel good.  One step closer to being caught up. 

Right now, I need every little victory I can because I’m feeling pretty defeated at the moment. 

I’m also suppose to hear from the doctor again today about Gavin.  Hopefully, we’ll have a game plan that will allow things to stay the way they are and at the same time, help medically stabilize Gavin so we can get him into residential care.

That’s the ultimate goal right now because it’s the only chance Gavin has to get the help he needs to function safely within society.

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