Screw you Murphy and your stupid Law

Screw you Murphy and your stupid Law

We just spoke with Elliott’s immunologist’s office to follow up on his allergy testing.  If was freakishly good timing because they just received the results back.


As it turns out, Elliott has a very, very serious allergy to almonds. 

The nurse said that as soon as the doctor gets into the office, she’s gonna show her and we will receive a call. 

It looks as though Elliott will need to be carrying an epipen with him at all times. As if life wasn’t hard enough for Elliott, now it’s going to be even tougher.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Oh, and if you happen to see Murphy, the author of that law, tell him I said to go screw himself.  :O

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NO!! Man, just when he got over the other allergies!. My son has an epi-pen too and also many allergies including almonds. We had to rehome our dog and send our cat to live in our backyard because he got so allergic to them. (looking to adopt the cat out also) We also use allergy meds as needed and found vitamin C and quercetin (500 mg each) a couple times a day helped not only the allergies and reactive episodes but also some of the OCD and the stimming from his autism. Our kids have weird immune systems. One allergy goes away and another happens.


@rmagliozzi Elliott was never diagnosed with allergies until this almond thing.


Poor little guy!!


Make sure you use the practice pen to teach him, his teachers etc how to use it. 🙁 nut allergies are no cool…


My oldest has lived with the peanut allergy and we’ve gone through Epipen, Jr….and now adult Epi.  He carries it with him all the time. His protocol was to take Benadryl immediately first, (near overdose of it), then if the breathing became labored, use the pen.  He’s in college now….but he is very careful.  Still, it’s something you have to be vigilant about always.  I use Rite-Aid brand diphendryamine (is that how you spell it??..generic Benadryl), children’s chewables, because can let them dissolve in your mouth, chew them up quick, instead of a hard caplet form.  Liquid is good too…if you must.

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