Living with reactive attachment disorder

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Yesterday and today have been very difficult with Gavin.  Yesterday, Gavin was playing with Emmett, both at home and Dr.  Patti’s.

While playing with Emmett,  Gavin made sure to sabotage Emmett’s game play in order to ensure that only he could win.

When confronted about his unfair play, he denied everything and began to dance around as he got upset with us for questioning him.

This morning, Gavin was being rude and disrespectful to Lizze.  He wasn’t even up for an hour before he began messing with her.  He was confronted by me, when I came downstairs and knew he was busted.  Oddly enough he didn’t try to deny it.

I sent him to his room, where I may just have him stay today.

No one needs this right now and clearly Gavin doesn’t care.  He will be picked back up by Lizze’s parents today and go back to living with them.

Im saddened that things went this way. However, Gavin’s choices and behaviors dictate to us what has to happen.

I absolutely hate being in this position.

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  • Dearest_Nikky says:

    🙁 Sadly I think he also enjoys “being the only one” at grandmas… which doesn’t help HIM, but helps the rest of you….

  • anansison says:

    *Gives a man hug*.