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I’m really tired but I wanted to share our adventure from today because it was a very big step for Gavin.

I took the kids out to Quail Hollow because we all needed to get some exercise and I was hoping that do to the size of the park, it wouldn’t be very crowded. Unfortunately, I was mistaken.

Quail Hollow was packed and most people were not social distancing or wearing masks. We almost didn’t stay but it was a decent drive and while Gavin wanted nothing to do with it, especially after seeing the lack of COVID19 awareness.

I decided that we were already there and while the main trails had lots of people, we could keep to the outskirts of the park. That’s what we did.

We found a trail we’ve never taken before and only came across one person on the trail but they were a solid 50 feet away.

We had our masks in case we were to come across anyone but as long as we were alone, we didn’t need to have them on. Gavin felt better wearing his because he doesn’t seem to understand exactly how this works and if it makes him feel better, so be it.

The trail took us a couple of miles and we made it back to the car without having to come anywhere near anyone else. It worked out quite nicely.

I’m not sure Gavin will be anymore comfortable trying this again but I go to great lengths to keep them safe and I won’t let anything happen to them. We were perfectly safe because we weren’t even in eyesight of another human while we were hiking. When it came time to leave, there were groups of people hanging out in the parking lot and we waited for the to clear out before returning to the car.

I feel like it went well and I’m hoping that Gavin feels a little better about this now but I have a feeling he’s not going to let go of this fear until long after the pandemic has come to an end.

Regardless, we had today and that is a very positive thing.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

Glad you guys had a wonderful time outdoors in nature with little to no problems


I had to take Henry to get laser surgery for his kidney stone Wednesday. When I drove through downtown Defiance, I saw some people not social distancing. At least the hospital does…I wasn’t allowed in to wait for Henry. Seeing people not paying attention to social distancing is upsetting, but I’m feeling some resignation over the fact that hundreds of thousands will die. (In between anxiety attacks and anger.) Good for you guys that you got some sun. Hopefully you can find a place less crowded, for Gavin’s sake.