Back to whatever the hell “normal” is

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Gavin is gone and the boys are settling into their old routines. I hung out with Elliott for a couple hours tonight. He’s really struggling with this new allergy thing and Gavin going back to his grandparents.

Elliott’s really worried about eating something that will make him need to use his Epipen. 

I’m hoping that we can help him work through this and put him mind at ease. 

For right now, he’s sleeping all snuggled up with Ms. Bella. Right before I snapped this picture, he had his arms around her. It was the cutest thing ever. 

I was to slow on the draw and missed it. 


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I missed what Elliotts allerergies are, what is new with him?  Poor guy.  As they grow I believe allergies out grow them, lets hope so.  Adorable picture. Hopefully you will all be thankful for something positive to come to you all. Believe with all your heart your stuggles will be few and far between.  Keep faith and hope to heal your struggles!


@lyndavisyak Elliott's always been allergy free until now. Now he's developed a tree nut allergy. Thank you so much for your kind words and support