Addressing serious food allergies at school

Addressing serious food allergies at school

Last week Elliott was officially diagnosed with a tree nut allergy.  It’s only been a few days and we’re still trying to wrap our heads around this and figure out what we do at home.

What do we do for him while at school?

Lizze and I have decided to keep him home today because we need to speak with the school. I don’t know what their policies are in regards to this type of allergy.  For example, Elliott only has two epipens.  Do we send him to school with one, obviously kept in the office?


I would think that the school should keep at least one at all times.  However, I want to have more that one at home, just in case. 

So we just ask the doctor for another prescription?

I’m also pretty sure that the school is going to need some type of documentation from the immunologist as well.  We don’t have that yet because of the holiday.

What about lunch and snacks?

Does the school have to provide him with a allergy free lunch or should we pack lunch for him?

When Emmett had food allergies, the weren’t this serious.  He might get an upset tummy. In Elliott‘s case, he could literally stop breathing.

I guess I’m not willing to take any chances.

I figured that I would  either call or meet with the school in the morning, while Lizze deals with the doctors office. She can procure any documentation we may need and hopefully, Elliott will be able to return to school on Tuesday.

Am I overreacting?  I suppose some would say yes.

The thing is, I was a medic for a long time and have treated anaphylaxis countless times in the field.  You should know that it’s a pretty friggin scary situation and it’s very dangerous.

I will not take any chances with Elliott‘s life. I know that he’s done fine so far this year, but we didn’t know about this.  Now that we know, how could we responsibly send him into am environment that could be dangerous for him, without taking every possible precaution?

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@MrsTutey @ASTestSite good advice. Thank you

Silachan… Seems to have a lot of good info.


@Silachan thanks alot

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