Let’s start the weekend off with some good news

In the previous post, I talked about how Emmett ended up not going to see his Mom today because he was just not in a good place. 

I have some good news….

Emmett eventually settled down and felt comfortable going to visit his Mom tonight. I say comfortable because he wasn’t even comfortable in his own skin for awhile this afternoon.  I don’t think this had anything to do with his Mom or not wanting to visit.  He was just on complete sensory overload.

He went over after dinner and I checked a little bit ago and he’s sound asleep.  I’m really glad I was able to help him through whatever he was going through. 

Read This  Things have been going pretty well today

Hopefully, he’ll still be in a good place tomorrow and want to stay the rest of the day.  ☺


After Emmett left, I just crashed. 

Dealing with a child who was in the state of mind Emmett was in, is absolutely exhausting.  Sensory overload is something that’s very much an invisible challenge but it’s very real and the impact it can have, is frankly beyond my ability to accurately articulate. 

In Emmett’s case, sensory overload can and often will, completely shut him down.  It’s rough for him and anyone around him. 

Anyway, I ended up eventually going over to my parents for a bit and finalizing my Dad’s new business cards.  Perhaps you didn’t know but I’m quite good at designing business cards within Photoshop.

Read This  I guess this is all it took to snap me out of my funk

It took a couple of hours to get them just the way he wanted them but the end result is pretty awesome. 

Aside from that, it’s been a quiet night. I’m writing this about 11pm and I may just call it a night afterwards.  I have nothing on the agenda for tomorrow and I’m hoping to get some serious sleep.

Today’s not been perfect but I survived and by all accounts, that’s a pretty good thing..  ☺


  1. Jimmy Rock

    I think you’ve written before about sensory diets, but if I recall correctly it was in the context of doing it for a short term period, like one evening. A true sensory diet would be implemented on a regular everyday basis and might help with the sensory overload. Your OT should be able to advise you on specific activities or things Emmett could do on a daily basis. I’m by no means an expert on this topic and obviously every situation is different but I have seen the benefits of a thoughtfully constructed sensory diet with my own daughter. Hope it’s a good weekend…

    1. A sensory diet is really just making adjustments, long or short term, to the environmental stimulus someone lives in. There are some things I do on a more permanent basis and others that I implement on an as needed basis.

      In my situation it’s tough because sensory diets aren’t easy to begin with and I’m lacking the energy to always keep up with it. More challenging is that all three of the boys have different and often conflicting sensory needs. I’d almost need 3 isolation rooms where I can cater to each of their needs.

      You’re absolutely right about sensory diets in the sense that an OT can be of tremendous help and ours has. It’s just that with my particular situation, it’s tough to find something that works for one without negatively impacting another… ☺

      Thank Jimmy Rocks (who’s not the same Jimmy Rocks I used to work with at Chi Chi’s), you always have insightful and well thought out feedback. I truly appreciate your tactful and understanding approach.. ☺

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