Leap of Faith: The results of Lizze’s intake at the @ClevelandClinic

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I wanted to kind of explain what happened today.  I’m completely exhausted and I don‘t have a lot of energy. We still have therapy for the boys tonight and so I won’t be able to even sit down until around the time the boys will be going to bed.


I wanted to take a few minutes and briefly explain what’s going on at this point

The experience was largely positive and the intake was probably among the most comprehensive and thorough I’ve ever experienced. A very pleasant and soft spoke nurse basically interviewed Lizze for about 2 hours.

Essentially, they concurred that Lizze and the program were a match and that basically, she qualified for entrance. It’s not quite that simple but you get the point.

We learned more details about the program and what we can expect. 

We also got more of the details pertaining to the logistics of everything.  We are realizing that this is going to be way more complicated and difficult than we had originally thought.


You don‘t even want to know how much this is going to cost.  Hopefully, insurance will cover it.  We still don‘t know that yet.

Lizze has the choice of either staying at a hotel for 3 weeks, at our expense or commuting. I’m not sure which will be cheaper. Although, it really doesn’t matter because we likely can’t afford either. Having said that, I’ll do whatever I have to.

We are waiting for a call back from the program intake coordinator, in order to find out about the insurance status and how long of a wait we are going to have.

Hopefully we’ll hear something by the end of this week.

I want to figure out as much as possible as soon as possible. Lizze is really nervous about this and the sooner we know for sure what’s going on, the better.

It’s been a really, really long and exhausting day.

I’ll have more to say in the morning.

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it. 

I also want to thank the Cleveland Clinic for following me on Twitter.  I’m actually really excited and honored to be in that short list. 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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@Rob Cleveland clinic should have a hostel or Ronald McDonald style house for people receiving outpatient treatment that requires M-F presence.  You will need to contact the clinic as the webpage offering little help other than to refer to a $95 per night rate at the outpatient housing motel.  Gas would be cheaper than $500 per week.  But that rate does include breakfast each day.

Mary Franzen Costell

I just sent u a virtual Xanax. After reading this, I think I need one.


You might consider a bed and breakfast which would be cheaper than a hotel. For my first week I stayed with my dad at a B&B which was about $50 a night. After that we stayed with a friend of Dad's.