What a difference a kitten makes

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Something happened today that has never happened before, at least that I can remember. 

Elliott took a 4 hour nap yesterday afternoon.  He’s never been relaxed enough to really do something like that.

He was snuggled up with his kitten, Dean, and sleeping away like a baby. I was actually quite amazed. Normally, if you even bring up the idea of a nap, Elliott will freak out.  However, with Dean snuggled up with him on his bed purring, Elliott was just out like a light. 

I’m really hoping that Dean with have a positive impact on him. If yesterday was any indication, this could indeed be very positive.

I also don’t mean this in the sense that it’s Dean’s job to make Elliott feel better. 

However, much like Bella helped Emmett, I’m hoping Dean has the same type of positive effect on Elliott.  In my experience, animals can have a tremendous impact on a child with #Autism. 

Bella brought Emmett out of his shell

I’m hoping that Dean and Elliott continue to grow a bond that can provide Elliott with companionship.

It really is amazing to see how different Elliott is when he’s with his new friend Dean. I really hope this continues.  🙂


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