Operation Hope: Building a support team

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On Friday, we have our very first, official wraparound meeting.  This meeting will take place at Gavin‘s school and involve teachers, family, doctors and therapists.

Basically, this will be about identifying our needs as well as ways that they can help support us.

I’m not sure what can really help accomplished here, since what is really needed is Gavin in residential care.

Having said that, it’s a process and one that is required in order to proceed. 


I’m going to have to speak with the school about who we want at the meeting and who we don’t want involved.  Right now, I have my concerns about one person and I contemplating removing this person from the team

That may seem counter productive but in the end, it’s our team and our choice.

I fully intend to exercise that choice

I’m not sure that anyone aside from Gavin‘s teachers etc, will be able to make it.  Emmett will likely be at my parents house and with Lizze grandfather passing away, her side will likely be tied up with that. 

For the most part, our families are all on the same page so that won’t he a huge deal. 

Dr. Patti may be out of town as well.

Actually, the more I think about this, more it seems like we should postpone the meeting until a later date.  What’s the point if no one will be there?

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