I’m just a bit worried and a whole lot stressed

I’ve mentioned that Elliott was really moody lately.  This morning he had a meltdown. A really, really big one.  I classify this as a meltdown as apposed to a tantrum because he is very clearly completely overwhelmed and almost beside himself.

In his meltdown, he hurled his remote control and nearly hit Lizze. 

Was he aiming for her?  I don‘t think so.  However, that doesn’t really matter because the fact is, he threw the remote.

Elliott has never, never done anything like this before. 

I’m really getting concerned because it’s like he’s beginning to act like Gavin. Maybe he’s used to the chaos and so in Gavin‘s absence he’s not sure what to do.

All I know is that I’m very worried about him.

We were going to try to go to Cleveland today and visit relatives but I don‘t think that Elliott could handle that right now. 

I hate this. I really truly do.  I hate not knowing what to do and I hate even more that Elliott is going through this.

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that I’m just a bit stressed out.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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From the outside looking in Id like to share my thoughts. Undoubtedly you and Lizzie both are going thru an extreme case of stress right now. From what I know, a recent death, another family member gravely ill, Lizzies health, finacial concerns, 3 children with major health concerns, a somewhat fractured home with Gavin living at his grandparents, tons of meeting and apointments, a very ill pet, Christmas, the recent shootings in Ct, food allergys, ect ect.ect. Surely you and Lizzie are going thru a more than unusual amount of overload. Children pick up on everything we go thru with varying degrees of understanding ,yet thier brains are still not developed enough to maturely process these feelings, so it comes out in different ways.Christmas time alone has such an effect on kids behaviours, and thats a positive stress for them.
I know youve heard the saying “when Mommas not happy, nobodys happy”, theres alot of truth to that. No matter how much we try to protect and shield our children from what we are feeling inside, they have a sixth sense and know and feel things off kilter. I do not believe being autistic is any differentt for them, infact I think its even harder for them.
Maybe its time for a break from  all of which is out of your control and take sometime to just focus on something fun for the kids. Even if its just for an hour. I know you cannot turn off everything thats reeling in your head but really try and just be “present” with them for that time. You all need a break!!!!
Maybe later when things are calm you can sit down with Elliot and discuss his meltdown.
Hang in there, things will get better, your in the midst of a shit storm, but it wont last forever.


@kathyakaNonnie shit storm is right. Very good advice. Thank you so much. 🙂


@lostandtired  @kathyakaNonnie
 no thanks needed, if anything thank you for allowing us into your life!