This is what it looks like when #Autism explodes all over your house -

This is what it looks like when #Autism explodes all over your house

I wanted to take a minute and revisit some basic Autism in real-life moments. This particular one is from this evening and is a perfect example of how Emmett likes to see his world.

In the picture below, you can see what my fridge looks like, after Emmett organizes things.

Emmett, like many kids with Autism, appreciates thingd like order. He likes straight lines and everything in its place. The only place he tolerates disorder is his bedroom. It’s weird and I can’t explain it but it’s one of his quirks.

The bottom line is this, it makes sense to him, it doesn’t have to make sense to me.

Leave a comment and share the post in you can relate or even see this kind of amazing display in your own home. ☺

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Cindy Jones

A professional organizer in the making. Good Job Emmett!! You could teach me a thing or two!!


WOW! That’s impressive! Organizational skills are important! Give Emmett lots of reinforcement for that! That can lead to lots of gainful employment-decorator, home stager, professional organizer, stocking shelves, arranging books, CDs at a library-endless possibilities! Whenever he feels down and out, tell him what a wonderful organizer he is!

Avia Batya

I am wonderful at keeping order for others, but my trailer looks like a cyclone hit it…as has every other place I’ve lived. It must be some kind of way our brains classify things….

Suzanne Olsen

That’s pretty neat. Good work Emmett

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