Autonomic Crisis: Heading to @AkronChildrens Hospital

I spoke with Dr.  Moodley’s office at the Cleveland Clinic.  We were originally going to be taking him to the ER at Cleveland. However, as we are getting ready to go, I received a call back instructing me to take him to Akron Children’s Hospital instead.

I don‘t know for sure why they wanted this. However, it’s likely they either don‘t want him to travel that far or there isn‘t really anything we can do at Cleveland that they can’t do at Akron.

Either way, this day has very quickly gone right down the shitter. 

I’m very close to losing what’s left of my mind and just beating my head into the wall until it all goes away. 

Hopefully, Gavin will be stabilized and we can take him home and make a plan for going forward.

Please keep Gavin in you thoughts and prayers. 

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