A Mother’s Love

I’m so amazed by Lizze, each and every day.  She does for our kids, even when she doesn’t have anything left to give. 

Those of you out there dealing with crippling chronic pain, know how difficult it is sometimes just thinking about getting out of bed.

Lizze is all to familiar with that kind of debilitating pain.  On a personal note, my heart truly goes out to anyone dealing with things like this.  You are truly much stronger than I am and I have nothing but the highest respect for you. 

I was upstairs tonight getting something and when I came downstairs, this is what I saw. 

Let me put into context, just how much pain Lizze is in, at least as best I can.

On most days, her skin feels like it’s literally on fire.  Even the softest touch feel like a knife.  In the fibro community they always say gentle hugs.  That’s meant to signify an understanding of just how painful existing is for someone with fibromyalgia, like Lizze

A gentle hug most resembles grade school dances at least when I was a kid.  You’re barely touching your dance partner.

I don’t get the luxury of actually hugging my wife very often because of how physically painful it is for her.  Our gentle hug is when she lays her head on my shoulder. Honestly, I know even that hurts but I think she does that for me. 

Anyway, to have Emmett crawl up onto her lap, and snuggle up to her has got to be excruciating for her.

However, no matter how strong the pain is, a mother‘s love is always stronger. 

I had to capture this moment because every time Lizze beats herself up because she feels like a bad mother, I want to be able to show her this. 

Those of us not coping with this type of chronic pain take so many things for granted.  I know I do and I suffer from chronic pain and have been since 2000.

I’m simply amazed by and in awe of her. 


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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