I feel guilty tonight :(

When you’re a parent to a child with Autism or really any parent for that matter, it’s not uncommon to struggle with guilt. 

I can only speak as a special needs parent but guilt is something I feel quite often. 

Tonight was one those times. 

I took the boys to my parents house this afternoon because they were going to have some Halloween fun, before spending the night.  Actually, everyone but Elliott was spending the night. 

The boys had a Halloween themed dinner before picking out pumpkins and carving them.

Normally I would have stayed and participated but I’m going on very little sleep this past week and almost never get a break. 

Instead of carving pumpkins with the boys, I went home and took a nap before returning to pick up Elliott

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I feel guilty because I missed having some fun with the boys and chose to go to sleep instead. 

There are so many things to feel guilty about and most of them outside of my control.

I know that I need to sleep and that I did the right thing but I guess I wish I didn’t have to be in that position in the first place. 

It probably seems silly to some because there are much bigger things to worry about but every little bit has an impact. 

What I try to do is make the best decisions I can and not look back.  Second guessing or hindsight doesn’t really help anyone.

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As a parent, I’m almost always my own toughest critic.

I did what I thought was best and got some rest.  The boys had fun and Elliott is sleeping on the couch because we are camping out in the living room tonight. 

Everything worked out just fine.  😀

Do you ever feel guilty about things you probably shouldn’t?

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