A quick tip to help organize your kids tooth brushes

We have adopted the Philips Sonicare E-Series of toothbrushes and have been using them for well over a year and a half.  They are affordable and work very well with kids on the #autism spectrum.

Anyway, we had a problem because we were always removing the brush heads because we shared the bases.

The other day, I accidentally discovered that the brush heads stuck to a can of shaving get cream.

Yes, I know how magnets work.  I just hadn‘t thought of doing this particular thing. 

As you can see, the brush head are organized, isolated from each other and easily reachable.  I like the fact that they are just laying around and the kids just like the fact that they actually stick to the side of the can.

I just thought I would share this little trick in case someone could benefit from it.  🙂


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    Interesting….I think everyone wants to need this interesting tips that are much informative for their teeth or also for their kids teeth…So Keep sharing always these type of interesting post…..Thanks…