Boundary Issues and Mommy Parts

Boundary Issues and Mommy Parts

My understanding is that people on the autism spectrum can have boundary issues. Things like not understanding ones need for personal space. 

In the instance of the Lost and Tired family, only one of us really struggles with boundaries, and that would be Mr. Gavin.

I know that aspergers plays a role in that but his case is a bit more complex. Well, to be truthful, it’s a whole lot more complex. One of the issues we have struggled with him on was inappropriate touching. 

Inappropriate touching is basically, any physical contact by the toucher that makes the touchee feel uncomfortable. Whether there is malicious intent behind the touching or not, it’s still a problem.

In Gavin’s case, the touching tends to be of a sexual nature.

For as long as I can remember, Lizze has been the primary target.  At one point or another, I think that most of us have been touched by Gavin in ways that have made us uncomfortable.

Thankfully, as of late, the other boys haven’t been targeted.

Having said that, Gavin has only been home for about 4 or 5 days and has already been touching or brushing up against Lizze’s mommy parts.

I don’t know what his motive is for sure but it really doesn’t matter because it’s clear that he’s doing it in purpose.

A huge part of reactive attachment disorder typically involves the mother being targeted by the affected child.  This is most definitely the case with Gavin. 

Understandably, this has a really negative impact on Lizze and Gavin just doesn’t care, rather, he’s incapable of caring. 

I’m going to have to keep an extra close eye on him and implement very ridged boundary rules. No one should be allowed to violate a persons boundaries or invade their personal space. ……

This is something that I will have to work with him on going forward.

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Aspergers only plays a role in not understanding the boundaries without being told what they are. The unspoken rules, so to speak. Once they’re “spoken” , people with ASD tend to try and follow them the best they can. The rest is due to other causes.

Hope thing get settled for you guys.

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