Does your child with #Autism have a favorite song?

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I was wondering if your child with or without #Autism have a favorite song?

I was listening to Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton the other night. Emmett was in a really bad place and very much overstimulated. He climbed up on my lap and feel asleep listening to this song play over and over again.

It seems to really relax him now when he’s upset about something.

Most times, when he’s really upset, he will scream if we try to play music. However, this is a recent exception to that rule. I don’t know what it is about this song, perhaps the acoustic guitar, but he finds this very calming.

I was wondering if your family had something like this as well? I wanted to get a feel for what works for your family and see if we can share those ideas and help other families that maybe haven’t discovered the amazing power of music.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]


If you can find the video of your song on Youtube, simply post the link in the comments and it should parse the link and embed the video into your comment, at least I think it should. 🙂

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might actually be the beats per minute as tears in heaven is just over 70 bpm.


we love using music as therapy. my son prefers quieter music and real instruments like harp music or classical music. We have had great success lately using a cd of kids music that is formulated to 50 to 70 beats which is calming . Maybe try some other acoustic guitar music and see if he enjoys it? lol i just played the clip you posted and my son said i love that song (first time he has heard it too).