No worse for ware

No worse for ware

We finally arrived home and we’re all in one piece.  Some of us are more whiney than others but all in one piece. 
This was a good appointment and one that put our minds at ease a bit.

The pediatrician says that Elliott’s height and weight are just fine and not to worry about it. 

In fact, he’s grown about half an inch since September and only lost 1 lb.  That’s really good for a kid on this particular ADHD medication. 

He said that he’s not sure why the Nutritionist was so worried about his height and weight but as far as he’s concerned, Elliott’s fine.  That’s something really good to hear because we have enough to worry about. 

Now we have to make a decision about the anti-depression medication.  I can’t remember the name of it off hand but it’s not commonly used on kids. We have to decide whether or not the potential benefits are worth the potential risks.  Trust me when I say that it’s much easier said than done. 

We need to do something, there’s no question about that.  What that something is?  Well, that’s yet to be determined.

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This may sound weird, but have you thought about using Propanolol for Elliot? It is used off label as an anti anxiety and also ADHD medication for kids that cannot tolerate stimulants (like Clonidine). It blocks the adrenaline so they don’t feel so wound up and nervous. My son uses it for his anxiety and aggression and ADHD and it saved our lives. He’s had no side effects on it. We started on short release 10 mg.  He transitions easier on it and is happier. Less things bother him and meltdowns are much less.


Before you medicate a child with anti-depressants, please make sure that you have exhausted ALL alternatives.  Have you tried getting Elliott into sports, music, art, drama, etc.?  Have you tried to involve him in more social activities?


I think as it is, they’re stretched so incredibly thin already. As far as I remember Elliot is in a martial arts class/program too. His depression likely isn’t something so easily solved by just going out and being more active, he’s dealing with things that are beyond what a typical child should have to handle or should be able to handle. Having a mom who’s beyond ill and constantly in pain, having a mentally ill/unstable older brother in and out of his life, and everything else that’s going on for them. I’m sure they’ve tried every option they can feasibly try.
If anti depressants help give Elliot his quality of life back and allow him to be a child again, I don’t see the harm in it. He has doctors and observant parents who are quick to make sure he’s safe and not being impacted by side effects etc.


@Silachan thank you. That was well said, as usual.

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