Operation Hope: An end to weekly meetings -

Operation Hope: An end to weekly meetings

Today hasn’t started off on good leg.  Elliott was kept home for a couple reasons. The main reason being that we’re starting him on his new anti-depressants and need to watch him.

I ended up going to our final weekly meeting by myself.

This was a really good meeting, not that they all aren’t.  This was just very productive.

I called and left a message for the person who sets up our case management assessment. This was a step forward as well.  Apparently, I’d been trying the wrong number.  🙁

Anyway, this is a step in the right direction…  Perhaps a small step on the overall grand scheme but an important one none the less.

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How did Lizze’s eye appointment go? I’ve been waiting all week to hear! Hope it went well. And congrats on your tv. We went through the same kind of thing with Best Buy. They came through in the end.

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