Look who just won a FREE #Android Tablet. You could be next!!!! -

Look who just won a FREE #Android Tablet. You could be next!!!!

I’m super stoked to announce the winner of our second IdolPad 9, android tablet giveaway. I’ve hooked up with Idolian to continue giving more android tablets away. My goal is to get as many android tablets to my readers as I possibly can.

I have the best readers in the world and ya’ll deserve this.

Check this site frequently for new giveaways and to see who’s won already.

Also, be sure to stop by Idolian’s site by clicking the image below. They have an amazing assortment of extremely affordable tablets and accessories.


Now, the reason we’re all here today is to announce the winner of our 2nd IdolPad 9 giveaway.

The Winner is Entry #313 Kathryn G.

Kathryn has been notified of her winnings and is very excited to receive her tablet. 🙂

Below is the link to view the detailed information about the IdolPad 9 and the expired giveaway.

@IdolianTab’s IdolPad 9 android tablet giveaway #2 (01/15/2013 – 01/23/2013) 


Right now, our sister site, My Life Beyond Labels is currently hosting yet another IdolPad 9 giveaway. If you missed out on the previous giveaways, you still have another chance. You can find that giveaway by clicking here.

I will also be giving away several, more high end tablets in February.

Stay Tuned. 🙂


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Try this site, it may help you. Goodluck! http://nexus10for.us


I hope I can win one tablet. Please pretty please?


Hey, Rob, how do qualify to win a tablet?


Thank you Rob, and I am super-excited to get it! Do you know if you can download books onto it too?


You absolutely can. 🙂

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