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It’s the beginning of spring break today and for the next 9 days, the kids will be home.  They will be home all day every day and I have no clue how I’m gonna survive this. 

Lizze is really struggling and unable to stay awake.  Between the pain,  depression and her sleep disorder, most of her day is spent asleep…literally. 


I don’t know what the weather is supposed to be like this week but I really want to get some miles under my belt.  I’ve already lost 5 lbs and I want to keep that trend going.  Taking the kids to the park with me, doesn’t amount to the same intensity of a workout as if I went on my own.

That said, it does get them out of the house and doing something physical. At the same time, it’s not like I don’t enjoy the time I get to spend with them and exercise is exercise.

I’m not afraid to admit that this coming week scares me because I have a hard enough time when the kids aren’t home. 

Emmett’s not sleeping through the night right now and I’m usually up with him by 4am.  Lizze can’t stay awake most of the time, so I can go back to bed after breakfast.  I sometimes end up dozing off for a bit on the couch while the kids play video games.  I sleep really lightly and so it’s like I’m only out for a few minutes at a time and they are usually sitting on me, so I wake up every time they move. 

It’s not even close to being a perfect solution but it’s being dealt with the only way we can. 

There’s a chance that the boys will spend some time at my parents house this week and that would be amazing for a number of reasons.

I have some voice over work I have to get done this week for work and the house needs to be quite for that.  Obviously, that isn’t possible while the kids are home. 
I really am trying not to freak out and be unnecessarily stressed.  Things always seem to have a way of working out.  Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my kids but they are a tremendous amount of work and I’m already so exhausted from everything else that I don’t have much left to give.

The focus for the week will be to not let the week itself overwhelm me so much that I stop walking. I don’t want to lose the little progress I’ve made.

It’s gonna be a long week……

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Kimberly Ma'maw Smith-Leonard Schmalenberger

yes…. think we all do from time to time..

Avia Batya



soccerma3  People like us have to live day by day. And it is hard, especially since I have 2 disabled adult sons and don’t know if either will ever be gainfully employed. All we can do is try.


It’s hard..I have the adhd Fam..husband and I included. Without schedule..husband at fire dept..boredom leads to depression…3 depressed ,moody teens. I work now, so I can escape..but I worry..I worry about the meds they take..what is long term effect.. I worry that I’m conforming to ” take meds and act like everyone else”. Although with out medication I can’t work, or schedule anything….I don’t want them to go through the feeling of stupidity and thrill seeking I went through..never feeling included , knowing there was something off . Frusterating people around me constantly…worry..worry..worry. So my eldest is 17,.15 and 12. My unwanted advice? Plan day by day..not the whole week forward. Night before, plan the day . Do the best you can and rememeber , we are all doing the best we can…and we do screw up and move on. Good luck…get a nap sometime;) It will improve…Your kids ages was one of the hardest times…teens are draining too. Your doing well;)


We are pulling for you and your family Rob! When I feel like it is too much for me and my family, I then read about others like you and realize…lots of us are struggling. Too bad we don’t all live close to each other to give support.