Buying socks for. You kids with #Autism is always an adventure. -

Buying socks for. You kids with #Autism is always an adventure.

On Saturday we took the boys to Target so they could pick out new socks.  For most families this would be a walk in the park. However, for a family with autistic kids this can be a much more complicated process.

The reason it’s difficult for my family has to do with the numerous sensory issues my kids struggle with.The most serious of which is Emmett. 

Emmett is extremely sensitive to the feel of clothes on his skin. 

One of the most challenging of these sensitivities revolve around socks.   It only do they have to match but they have to fit very tight and never fall down.

Finding just the right socks for each of our boys is next to impossible…



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My youngest son doesn’t have autism, he has adhd and ocd. My oldest has aspergers. Anyways my younger son likes his clothes tight. Socks, shoes, and pants are a struggle. He only has one type of sock that he will wear. They are called growing socks, and target sells them online only. He likes the ones that are tall. He like to keep them pulled all the way up to his knees. Right now we have one pair of pants that he will wear, and we just have go keep washing that one pair over and over. I completely understand your struggle finding just the right clothing.


@clemenssha I feel your pain.


I gave up on socks a long time ago.  In fact, my son must have the tounge of his shoes tucked down along his toes as well, so I have to keep buying the shoes a little big to make room for that.  Isnt it fun?


@MeganCKitchen I don’t have too much fun trying to make this difficult journey to finding comfotable socks. 🙁

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