This is heartbreaking

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Mr. Emmett is home from school today because he’s not feeling well. He’s been struggling with his fever disorder related mouth sores and he’s just reached a point where he’s sick to his stomach.

Poor Emmett didn’t sleep much last night and is too much pain to go to school this morning.

There’s very little we can do to help him. Advil doesn’t help and we can only numb his mouth up to three times a day. It’s heartbreaking to see him go through this. I desperately wish the was something we could do to relieve him of this condition. 😔

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  • Cindy Jones says:

    I used to get terrible multiple canker sores in my mouth. Nothing worked to relieve them except Fletchers Sore Mouth medicine. It was incredible soothing and helped them heal much quicker. Might be worth a shot.