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Welcome to the latest and greatest giveaway from Lost and Tired. I’m honored to work with Idolian, in conjunction with millerrupp.com to make this giveaway possible. I haven’t met any other company that was willing to step up and help provide the autismj community with this much needed technology. They deserve all the credit for this.

This particular giveaway is the first for the month of February. The giveaway is for the recently reviewed Idolian Mini Studio Dual Core, 8″ android tablet (See Mini Studio 8″ #Android Tablet Review). This android tablet is a direct competitor to the new iPad 20130212_091605. _wmMini. The Mini Studio by Idolian, stacks up spec for spec (with the exception of the camera) with the more expensive iPad Mini.

It also has all the massive advantages that go along with the android OS as well, the biggest being customization and choice.

Now for the details of the giveaway.

First and foremost, the disclaimer:

Members of the Lost and Tired family are not eligible for this giveaway. This contest is for the continental US Residents ONLY. Sorry, I can’t afford international shipping.

This giveaway is for one (1) Mini Studio 8″ android tablet by Idolian. This contest will run from 02/12/2013 – 02/20/2013. You can enter by using the form below. If for any reason you need to contact me, you can do so by clicking here.

Good luck.



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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Congratulations to the one who’ll win this tablet.

Darla M

My nephew has autism and we haven’t been able to unlock his writing and typing skills and he needs his own tablet so he can enhance what he learns at school with educational and fun apps. I’m still convinced he doesn’t need an expensive Ipad based on your previous Android reviews. I’m hoping that if I win this tablet I can prove to his mom that she doesn’t have to spend money she doesn’t have—she’s still convinced she has to get him an Ipad! .

Beth Krinock

I would use the tablet for son who happens to have Down Syndrome. He would be able to complete his classwork easier with the use of the tablet. He is 9 years old and in the General Education classroom with an aide and he has trouble with writing. This would be a HUGE help.


to talk to my kids away at college easier! and take pics to send to them


I help run a health food store with my mother. Over the last several years I have been  working on getting her more comfortable in the digital world and I believe a tablet would help immensely. We have a lady who comes in the store who has three kids with austim. She and her husband are amazing people in my book.


Nice lookin’ tablet.  Android’s open ecosystem and lower cost may well be the quickest path to getting more of these to where they can do the most good, helping kids (and others) of various styles and levels of learning to learn.


Thanks so much for this, 
finally i might get into that angry birds that everyone around it lately 🙂


I would use it with my two sons

Marianne Sandling

My son has oppositional defiance disorder and severe anxiety, amongst other special needs.  I’ve seen his therapists use android apps when they’re working with him, and know that there are some that would work for him at home, in an effort to help with his issues.
Thanks for a GREAT giveaway!!

Marianne Sandling

And Thanks @IdolianTab for sponsoring this, and supporting such a great blog!!


I want it for me.  My laptop looks and works like three kids with severe autism use it, and I need something to drag around for entertainment while I sit and wait.


i’d give it to my friend’s brother


I’d use it to help my kids learn.


I would probably give this tablet to a friend’s child who has multiple developmental and mental health challenges.  Both of my kids have iPads, but I know how much the right apps can help a child develop their academic skills.  This little girl’s family struggles on a single income and the mom has to travel a lot for the child’s different needs.


Thank you so much for the chance to win.  It would be very helpful in my clinical practice (I am a speech-language pathologist) and to my two non-verbal boys on the spectrum.




Thank you for the chance to win, my Jacob could use it to help him with his reading!


I would use it to entertain my 2 boys (and myself!)


I would use it as a gift for my wife


I’d use it for a lot of reading so I could keep learning.  It might also be a good tool tool for any courses I might want to look into.


I would use an Android Tablet to assist me with my online school courses.


would use the apps for my 2 boys on the spectrum!


I would use it to lessen the constant battle over who gets to use the desktop computer..


I would love to send this to my bloggy friend Stephanie for her kids!