Tough decisions and sleep deprivation :(

It’s been a long day, filled with tough decisions and sleep deprivation.  With Emmett being home from school once again, I made limited progress on the self-imposed Daddy-do-list.

I was able to get Gavin’s OT/PT evaluation rescheduled for next week.  Yay me…  🙂


I was also able to reach out to the adjudicator of Elliott’s SSI case because some of the needed paperwork hasn’t been received yet.  I could only leave a message but I should hear back by the end of the week. 

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The progress really ended there. 

I also had the unpleasant task of having to deny some of the proposed changes to the boys visitation with their Mom. 

It was the right thing to do but this isn’t how I ever wanted things to be. 

If you would have told me 2 years ago that this is what I’d be doing today, I would never have believed you, not even for a moment.

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I can’t imagine actually hating anything more than the position this has put me in.  It’s an unfair burden but one that I will carry out of love for my kids. 

Hopefully, I will not have to do this forever but as long as it’s necessary, that’s what I’ll do.

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