What do you want to the world to know about #Autism?

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This is pretty straight forward.  If you could have the world understand one thing about Autism, what would that one thing be and why?

For me, I would want to world to understand that Autism is different for every person  and every family. I think this is one of the most important things to understand about Autism because this is where many assumptions stem from.  Erroneous assumptions.


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I would want the world to know why there is Autism in the first place. What have mankind done to our world for our children to be affected with so many problems. Autism, ADHD and all the other disorders, diseases, problems, how did they come to be. Is it from the mercury in the Immunisations, is it from the poisons we put in the environment, is it from the poisons they put in our food.Is it something else.  I remember going to my first carers support group. We introduced ourselves and told everyone our situations,who we care for, what they have. When it came time for my turn I just cried and said, ” why are our children like this,when did it all go wrong”. I am trying all I can now to help my khais recover to some degree.Khai becomes very agressive on some foods, the flavour enhancer in packet chips is the worst, so he does not have them.  I have just started a no wheat, no dairy diet. its very hard cause he wants to eat those things. But I am noticing a change already and it has only been two weeks. i wish we could eat whole, nutritious , poison free food all the time. grow it ourselves, but i know that is impossible. So i will try my best with what i have. But I do beleive food plays a vital role in our childrens behaviour,Autism, Adhd etc and I really would like the World to know.  I live in a small town in Queensland Australia and we do not have a lot of support out here. even to go to the specialist is a marathon in itself, so I really appreciate this wonderful site and others like it. So many parents of special needs children are struggling and we so need each other for support. some people just do not understand our beautiful children , we are still trying to ourselves. My mum was oldschool, brought up 7 children of her own,a few years ago when Khai was first diagnose,  i use to come stay with her when i visited and my son would have meltdowns or just go hypo. Mum use to say , these kids these days are just naughty,need a good smack, until she saw Khai in action
. One morning she asked if khai could have milo. I said just a teaspoon in his milk , cause I knew he would react to it. Well lets just say my mum saw for the first time what  I was talking about. I see children all the time, in shopping centres, everywhere, and they dont have asperges or ADHD. They just eat the wrong foods. My children use to eat the wrong foods, all the processed stuff. The very first specialist I went to see when he was 3 said watch his diet. I have been watching and learning ever since.