Our Return to Akron Children’s Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic

This week is going to be a crazy one for us.  Gavin has his infusion in the morning at Akron Children’s Hospital.  He will be receiving IVIG for about 4+ hours tomorrow.  This is a treatment for his primary immunodeficiency and it’s the only thing keeping him as healthy as he is.

On Tuesday, we will be returning to the Cleveland Clinic in order to see his autonomic specialist. 

The Cleveland Clinic appointment is extremely important because Gavin’s heart rate is still way to high and we need to figure out how to reduce it to a safer level. 

We will also have to deal with the excessive weight gain as well. We can’t allow his eating habits and weight gain to affect the way his medications are working.  

I can’t wait till these appointments are done because they are always stressful.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week as we hopefully find more answers to Gavin’s ever growing medical questions. 

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I hope it is a very positive week for you guys. All the best . In my thoughts and prayers Trish….